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December 1, 2003

In the 40th chapter of Ezekiel, the prophet is taken via a spirit-flight from Babylon to Jerusalem. It was in the 25th year of captivity and Ezekiel is not hazy about this vision. He writes that it took place early in the year on the 10th of the month. The exact time was the 14th year after the fall of Jerusalem. He is spiritually transported to a high mountain, and he is shown an unfamiliar city ("something like the structure of a city"). He is in God's holy city. There he met a man who was a supernatural person (appearance of Bronze), who held a line of flax and a measuring rod. His words were succinct: "Son of man, look with your eyes and hear with your ears, and FIX (focus intently) your mind on every thing I show you; for your were brought here so that I might show them to you." Following this special admonition, great detail is taken to familiarize him with the measurement, gates, common areas, windows and directions of passage in this great temple of worship. Although he served in the former temple, he was to be familiar with the new temple and understand how different this worship and its edifice would be from the one to which he was accustomed.

Most material surrounding this passage will, in one way or another, point to the fact that the true spiritual temple supplants the old worship arena and spiritually it is to show how far away the old temple had gotten from the real things of God.

Just today, the Spirit pointed out the necessity of familiarizing oneself with this new Temple, focusing upon its structure and being like Ezekiel in noting its particulars. The Spirit declared that the Sons of Zadok must know this temple like the back of their hands. They must prepare themselves for making this temple their life and ministering there, their work. More than any fellowship, greater than any church, surpassing the mightiest of convocations known to Christendom, this temple is to be home base to the Sons.

Why is this necessary? Those who wander about looking for a fellowship, a church "where truth is preached," a community or a commune would be better off getting familiar with the true temple, and learning to fellowship with the priests given charge of worship in this place not made with man's hands. For Sons it has always been so.

One of the greatest examples of service in the New Temple, while living in the old one, is found in the lives of Simeon and Anna. They knew the Lord intimately and served Him faithfully in a spiritual realm their contemporaries could not fathom. Their prayer was to live long enough to see the prophet's words come true in the Messiah. When Jesus was born, they were the only ones out of several million in the nation of Israel who recognized the baby in Mary's arms as being the Light of the world. God gave them the desire of their hearts. Not only that, He rewarded their service in the true temple, while their fellows received the judgment of Jeremiah 48:10, "Cursed is he that does the work of the Lord deceitfully." There is a difference in which Temple one serves.

Luke, in the third chapter, reviews a similar prospect. He names every political and religious leader of his day and then glibly pronounces, " the word of the Lord came to John, the son of Zacharias, in the wilderness." Sometimes, the temple is in a wilderness.

This holiday season, those who find themselves on the backside of religious favor, who are bereft of past friends who have abandoned them as "being outside God's will and strange on top of that," take heart--you may well be about to receive your heart's desire (seeing the Lord up close and personal )and find yourself like Ezekiel (the only one left standing after the markings over).

WORLDWIDE REPORTS: From New Jersey: Kevin Dillon reports that 100+ men in the prison he ministers in have read, as a bible study, "The Sons of Zadok" and a spiritual awakening is taking place. He reported by phone: "They are freer than those who are outside." Hallelujah!

From Chicago: An attorney and minister writes: (Speaking of all three books) " your ministry has made such a WONDERFUL difference in my life, to the Glory of God our Father through our Lord Jesus The Christ! Amen! (L.D.Williams)."

From South Africa: "Thank you for writing En Punto. It was given to me and after my initial read, I am studying and praying through it a second time."... "I believe my missing "tools" are what you write about in En Punto." P. September, Gauteng Province

From the Philippines: K. Freeborn writes: (Paraphrased for brevity) That hundreds of pastors were taught the differences between the Eli System and the Sons of Zadok in a recent conference. He reports their lives were changed and their dedication to minister to God was overwhelming to view.

From Mexico: T. Courier requests more boxes of Spanish versions of Sons of Zadok and Solomon's Secret for the myriads of pastors desiring them. He taught these books in recent ministerial convocations and the response was tremendous. (Zadok Publications and your offerings saw 400 pastors supplied with Spanish versions at no charge.)

Requests are continuing from many Hispanic pastors ( Zadok Publications this week shipped two boxes free of charge to a ministry in the NE, who ministers in Peru.)

From the Mailbag:

AN OPEN VISION TO A SAINTLY INTERCESSOR: The following is a vision mailed to me this month by a lady in a retirement village who has made her labor "intercession." Place: Burlington, N.C. Vision One: first scene

"As far as I could see, to the left, to the right and in front of me, I saw row, after row, after row of iron stakes driven into the ground. On EACH stake there was a pathetic creature (a person) chained up in a ball and connected to the stake. second scene: "I saw a large arm (above the elbow) with a large sledge hammer moving down the rows and with one blow was breaking these chains." End of Vision. Interpretation: " Being grieved by what I saw, I asked, 'Lord who are these people I am praying for, are these the lost?' He said, 'No Ruth, these are my own people." "The Arm is the arm of the Lord that is not shortened that it cannot save. It is Jesus that breaks every fetter. He said, 'Ruth, you will see many, many of my people delivered and healed' ."

Vision Two: "Again, as far as I could see, to the left, to the right and in front of me, I saw an army. They were as the cavalry, in blue uniforms sitting on horses, in troops.( Then He gave me a close-up scene.) I saw there were empty saddles scattered throughout the whole army. This concerned me and I asked, 'why are these saddles empty?' He said, 'Some have turned a deaf ear to Me, unwilling to pay the price to be used in this great move of God that is coming.' I asked, 'What will you do?' He said, 'I will use My faithful ones." End of Vision. Interpretation: The price to be paid is a complete surrender of ourselves to God, that He may do whatever it takes to prepare the vessels. Purged of the self-life and purified in the fires of affliction. (Vessels that He can use to His glory and honor.) He then sent me to Ezra 4:1-6. He said, 'the adversaries (ver.1)are like those who turned a deaf ear (the empty saddles), the unholy mixture.' They came and asked, 'Let us build with you, for we seek your God.' Zerubbabel , Jeshua and others said, 'You have nothing to do with us to build a house unto our God.' Then the people stirred up trouble and hired counselors against them to frustrate their purpose. He said, 'Ruth, when I put you into the ministry--these people, from the empty saddles , are going to come and try to get into the ministries. They know they were called but never prepared. You will have to be like Zerubbabel and Jeshua and say, "No, you have no place in this ministry!" 'If you let them in, the enemy will surely tear up the ministry through these people.' " News Editor Note: [ These are interesting visions...but many of you have had similar ones...be encouraged by this one for they represent one cogent fact: "God is active among His Servants today."]


Until Next Month,

Dr. C. R. Oliver, PhD.