A Look Into Sanctification
June 1, 2003

C. R. Oliver

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June 1, 2003

A Look Into Sanctification

In light of today's modified message signaled by an "unsure" sound, it is necessary to return to a clear understanding of sanctification. Jesus' death on the cross was for more than what current preachments declare. The Grace that poured through His sacrifice demands a sanctified life. This fact is not lost in history, but it is seemingly lost today's theology.

Listen to Wesley, who would disavow current Methodism's Interfaith transactions: Sanctification is possessing the mind of Christ, and all the mind of Christ. Deep within him ran the waters of holiness, which was proven by his stalwart stance. He was and is not alone.

John G. Lake, the apostle of South Africa wrote similarly, for after quoting Wesley, he wrote: The ultimate of entire sanctification would comprehend all the mind of Christ. Christians are usually very weak in this department of their nature. Perhaps less pains have been taken by Christians to develop their mind in God than almost anything else.

If his conclusions were true at the turn of the century, how much more are they true today! Listen further: It shows us this thing, that people are placing their dependence in the fact that in their spirit they know God, that they have been saved from sin, and are going to heaven when they die, but they are living like the devil in this present life, talking like the devil. It is an abomination. It spells a tremendous degree of ignorance. It shows that that individual does not comprehend the first principles of the breadth of salvation as Jesus taught it to the world--a holy mind, a sanctified spirit. And a bit further in his treatise he extends the solution to the problem: But bless God, here is the hope, here is the strength, here is the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that the power of God unto salvation, applied to the mind of man, sanctifies the soul of man and makes the mind of man like the mind of Christ. Outcropping from this transformation comes Lake's practical conclusion: Beloved, in our home, in our life, in our office, wherever we are, we leave the impress of our thoughts there. If our thoughts are pure and holy like Christ, people will walk into that atmosphere and instantly discover it. Still further he writes: It is in the submission of that mind to the Lord Jesus to be remolded by the Holy Spirit so that that mind becomes the pure channel of a holy nature. Beloved, surely we who profess to know the living God, who profess to live in union with Him, ought to present to the world that attitude of mind, that pureness of mind, that holiness of mind which needs no recommendation. The people know it, they feel it, they smell it. ( This is the fragrance of Christ missing in Christian circles.) They know it is the mind of Christ.

It is high time to reckon with the debauched state of popular religion, whose ranks are filled with sentimental foolery. Again Lake addresses the role of sanctification which obliterates such stupidity. The world's conception of religion is that it is a matter of sentiment, for in the minds of most men religion is just sentiment to them. It is not a thing of power, and they do not understand the properties of the soul of God nor the quality of His life, nor how it is that God moves in the nature of men to change their heart, to dissolve the sin out of their soul, to cleanse them by His life and power, to heal their body, and reveal His light and life in them. I believe the very beautiful thing we call SALVATION, and the holy statement of Jesus Christ, "Ye must be born again (John 3:17)" is itself a scientific fact, and declaration of God's divine purpose and intent, based on the law of being. We are inclined to think that God just desires, and our hearts are changed. But I want to tell you beloved, that there is a process in a man's soul that admits God into his life. Your heart opens because it is touched by the love of God, and into the heart, into the nature of man, there comes the divine essence of the living Spirit, and bless God, it has an action in him. Sin dissolves from his nature and from the mind of man. The Spirit of God takes possession of the cells of his brain, and his thoughts are changed by its action. There is a new realization of divine holiness. By the grace of God he discovers himself SANCTIFIED in deed and in truth, because Christ in truth dwells there.

These truths are not heralded even in the strongest pulpits and ministries, but they better find their way again if this generation is to meet the living God in the Latter Days. It is my affirmed belief that John G. Lake believed more than the vast majority of those posing as Christians today. Those who will be used of the Lord in this hour are those who will dare believe again the tenets and principles laid out by this blessed saint! With Sars and Aids and mystery virus' cast like seed upon the earth, who like Lake will take them in hand and watch them die while scientists marvel (Such will come only when the belief system of prelates and pew packers CHANGE).

May this newsletter prompt a stirring in our souls.

Excerpts from John G. Lake, His Life His Sermons His Boldness of Faith, Kenneth Copeland Publications, Ft. Worth, Texas, 1994, pages 401-2 and 343-4 (as they appear in this text.)

Until Next month,

Dr. Cosby R. Oliver, PhD.


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