Emails And Letters
December 1, 2004

C. R. Oliver


December 1, 2004

Emails And Letters

We wanted to share with you, our faithful readers, some email messages and letters that arrive almost daily and make Christmas a year-round event for us. Of course, these reflect just a few of the thousands that have been received, and they are not in order or in preference, just a little "sample" of the blessings we get from them. Merry Christmas-- Everybody, and don't forget to share your heart with us. (We may not answer like you would have us, but we believe each one is meant to reach us.) You may correspond with us at the following address:

Emails and Letters:

"My husband and I have been reading your book Sons of Zadok It is outstanding and the truths you share reverberate through our entire beings. We have waited so long for something like this that articulates so well the difference between the two systems. Thank you for the price I am sure you have had to pay, yet the joy in Him is so much greater!!!" John and Karen T, Liberty Lake, Washington

"I am a new reader of your books, as I have read Sons and I am currently reading En Punto. I know God lead me to your books since I do not see them in our local bookstores and I am always looking for good, Spirit written books to read. As I have read the books a couple of the scriptures you quote had been given to me from the Lord several years ago as well as some of the insights you share. Unfortunately, I became "caught up" in the "church" and lost sight of what God was trying to show me. Fortunately, I am back where He wants me, and His leading me to your books has helped a lot. I almost got caught up in "church" again but was quickly chastised. I know how important it is to be with believers who are of "like mind" and I am praying for God to direct me to them. God has given me one true believer who has also been reading your books but she still attends a local congregation where my husband and I attended for a short time. I am very hungry to be with likeminded people who realize we are living in the end-times and are seeking to live for God wholeheartedly and are wanting to be spiritually in tune to Him at all times.

I thank God for you and your obedience to Him in writing these books." Michelle A, Pennsylvania

"Many books and commentaries have been written that not only challenge the existing church structure, but also many of the present day doctrines that are commonly taught and accepted in the church - Dr. C.R. Oliver's "The Sons of Zadok," Frank Viola's "Rethinking the Wineskin" and "Who Is Your Covering," Dudley Hall's "Out of the Comfort Zone," "The Harvest" and "There Were Two Trees in the Garden" by Rick Joyner are but a few of the great books out today that challenge this deception. Older books like "The Spiritual Man" and "Release of the Spirit" by Watchman Nee have challenged these doctrines before they were doctrines. Praise God that these men were willing to challenge deception!

God has used these books to open our eyes and hearts, all the while flushing us with truth and understanding. Email of newsletter from Clay Sikes, Lighthouse Prophecy

"How blessed I am that you are helping me obtain these three copies of Solomon's Secret. I cannot begin to tell you how it is changing my life. The first four verses of the Song speak so to my heart. I love to spend time with Him, as He shares with me what He desires me to know about them. It is so wonderful praying them, for He draws me then to Himself in a special way. Thank you so much, from the depths of my heart, for the time you spent, coming into His presence, to be able to impart to me such truths. I just started reading this in the evening and I cannot put it down.

I also have the Sons of Zadok and En Punto. I have glanced at them, but the Song is stealing away my heart for now.

My sincere appreciation for your effort in helping me. Your books have such a drawing power about them…" Sara M, Melbourne Fla.

"I would like to personally thank you for writing the book about Zadok priesthood. My husband is in a Texas prison and has been for the last 14 years. He blesses many a man in there and gets very little 'nourishment' from anywhere else, save the Holy Spirit Himself and of course the Bible! When I visited him this past weekend, he wept telling me about this glorious book that ministered straight to his heart. He says it is 'our heart.'

He told me he was typing out a paragraph where you speak of the wife God brings a man and that he saw me…so needless to say, I wept along with him.

I hope this encourages you. Looking forward to the newsletter. May I copy it and send it to him?" Cheryl, N, Texas

"He (God) has broken the Ichabod curse that was on my life - nothing I did worked. …Your books have been so specific to my situation and life. God has imparted to me hope, understanding, and most of all the fact that He knows what has been going on - and that He cares!...So much more I could tell you as an exact example almost if not at times totally correlated to what you share in The Sons of Zadok and En Punto, suffice to say that God is Awesome!....I am sooooo grateful for the Zadok community for wisdom, understanding and fellowship….you honestly feel like a spiritual father to me…

I feel like I am fellowshipping even as I write this email." Manoj R., New Zealand

" I am 67 and have been retired from pastoring a church for over three years. I stepped down one year before I would receive a pension, because there were some books that the Lord was strongly impressing me to write. Now I see that some things could not be revealed to me until I was out of the role of a pastor. I have taught in six Bible colleges, ministered to native Indians for 15 years, went to Princeton and learned Hebrew and learned and taught Greek and have traveled to several foreign countries. I am now writing a book on spiritual and ecclesiastical authority called, "A Community of Servants" - a journey into leadership, authority and servanthood. In the last year or so, I have been directed to study about Melchizedek. More recently, I noticed that, in Heb. 5:10 and 11, Paul says he has more to say about Melchizedek but 'you have become dull of hearing.' This word means: spiritually dull, insensitive to the Spirit. What the Bible says of Melchizedek can only be understood by revelation of the Spirit…I had some revelation but there was, I felt, much more. Your book filled in many of the gaps…" Maurice F, California

"We just would like to thank you for the wonderful writing of The Sons of Zadok! The Lord is all over it! We have read and reread and underlined and written in it over and over. When I put it down, my husband picks it up, it's been constantly read!

We would like to know if you allow people to quote some of your book in a Bible study? We will keep it in context and give your name. There are many people who would like to know about your book and we like to share it with others and let them know about you and your writing…Shalom! Carl and Julie P, California

"I just finished reading your book, The Sons of Zadok. I wanted to lay on the floor and weep! I did break into tears several times. God is doing so much in my life as a 48 year old. I feel as though it is time to start all over again! It is time to put on new clothing! I just last week had prostate cancer surgery which is symbolic of what God is doing in my heart! He is cutting out the cancer! This process has been going on for five years…"

On a Wild Journey, Tom S, Ohio

"The Lord called me from Sacramento to Houston in 1992 to begin declaring how He would send fiery blasts of Judgment across Houston and over this land as a sign that He was calling for abject repentance…the kind of repentance you describe based on Ezekiel and Jeremiah. I have lived through these (Bible) books for 10 years and the Minor Prophets, and the Gospels, for all the reasons you point out in En Punto. I covered the city (as a nameless, faceless one) for the early 90's, and as you point out, this is the 21st Century, and that call is passed, but Judgment Is Still Coming. He began to show me in '94 a road-map more or less which would lead through fiery trails for the called ones who make up the remnant, then through a bottle neck of birthing of a single unified body through which we are now passing, and are coming into the church of the 21st Century" Bryan M, Houston

"The book (Sons of Zadok) was such an encouragement and confirmation to me. Thank you for putting on paper what God had revealed to you. I was so encouraged to find out that I was not alone!!!" Niki C, (Unknown location)

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say 'Thank You!!' for your labor of love, The Sons of Zadok. As a person who has spent most of his adult life in the desert (outside the religious systems) rather than inside the systems (city life) I am being thoroughly blessed, encouraged, and challenged by the understanding and wisdom God has had you put into print.

I have a strong background in Religious History, and having learned from some of the most gifted teachers in the Body of Christ, I want you also to know how much I appreciate the scholarly content of your writings. Thank you for allowing me to compare 'understandings with understandings.'

My next point of appreciation is that I have read no other book other than the Word, which so clearly motivates me through the Spirit and through understanding to more earnestly apply myself to walking in the righteousness the Word and the Spirit calls us to. The call to walk a righteous life is like a healing balm to my soul. How I wish I heard it more in our churches!!!"John H, Austin, Texas

"Righteous Saints need to be visible and declare their state of being so myriads of Christians will have a valid example and satan will tremble. The Lord has shown me again and again that as a priest - not my words, but my life must show the people the difference between holy and common. I have struggled with this for a long time - because of not wanting to go out into the outer court among the people. My spirit has felt like a raw nerve being out there. But now that He has overtaken me, body, soul and spirit, I see that His love alone is His glory - that it is His fierce Love, which drives Him out among His people…He shows me how to move among them. Because it is Him, really, who is moving. He is manifest in me - what a wonder. But I wasn't seeing or hearing anyone around me speak of this way. I thought perhaps I was getting off balance. And then there were those around me who echoed the phrase that still makes my eyes glaze over, 'being so spiritually minded that you are no earthly good.' I just want to again thank you for being a sign post along the way. No longer do I feel alone in that Place where the Lord has brought me."Lyn C, Indiana

"(Feeling like a Martha during a holiday season, she writes) I thought I would read a little of the Word. I was about to pick up my Bible to read it when I heard 'No read chapter 9.' I looked and your book En Punto was on the night stand. My girlfriend had returned it two weeks ago. I picked it up to read it and was set free…the truth does set you free. Please, Please, Please keep obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit. Please keep writing. The Lord showed me that the books you are writing are not for a one time reading, but are to be studied until the truth and revelation of what you are writing becomes clear to us. There are so many voices, but so very little truth." Pat A., New Jersey

"We love the book and are looking forward to sharing it. We have a new lady coming to our fellowship and I have been telling her about it. She just resigned as the director of the women's portion of our mission after 10 years. She also just came out of the 'church.' She said a lot of people she knows are tired of 'church' and searching. We thank you Dr. Oliver so much for writing the book and putting everything into words we have tried to share with people. When I explained to her that the reason she gets sick during 'worship' at church is that they are ministering to the people and not God - the lights went on… A young man in our fellowship is sharing it with his pastor at the Nazarene church here and the elders. We pray for a great awakening and return to true worship of God and not man. Shalom."Lola B, California

"I personally did not meet you, however I was introduced to you through my husband. In July, at the art walk in Galveston, the Lord arranged a meeting between the two of you. Consequently, you sent him a life changing text entitled, The Sons of Zadok. This book answered many of our questions that lay deep in our hearts - that could only be felt and not articulated. Upon receiving the book, we had to set a schedule between the two of us to read it. I must say that it was very difficult having to share and read it at the same time, but we managed." Manuel and Shirlyn T, Galveston, Texas

"Thank you for this month's newsletter. The Lord had me in the book of Amos shortly before I received your newsletter. He was quickening me about earthquakes and judgments upon His church." Bruce & Peg B, Nevada

"Thank you very much for the complimentary copies Sons of Zadok in Spanish, Solomon's Secret in Spanish - made possible by individual donations). This Thursday my wife and I are off to Bolivia . We expect to be living there and overseeing a church and Bible school in La Paz…" John P, Bolivia

"…Third pass through The Regal Pair. This book cooks ya! Sometimes not so slowly!" ( Jim has ordered case lots of all our books for personal distribution and he shared this comment as well, "A woman in Lexington I sent your Zadok book wrote…'Bless you, Bless you, Bless you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the "Sons" book. I have been blessed so by it. Others are standing in line to read the book. You will have your reward for sending this book to me!") Jim L, Kentucky

"I have read Sons of Zadok and have been so blessed by it. I have preached from it!!" Rev. John C., U.K.

"Little did I realize when I picked your book up from the seat of a friend's car, 2 years ago, that I would be sitting in a meeting with you (in Kentucky. While reading Sons of Zadok and En Punto I wept. I realized that what I had been sensing and wrestling with was not an attitude problem or a critical spirit, but a constant nudging by the Holy One. I quickly passed the word to several like minded friends --- " Susan B, Ohio

"I began reading it Sons of Zadok and many things the Lord was speaking to my heart were confirmed in your book. Your in-depth study on this subject has certainly benefited me in my research and study. I appreciate your obeying the Lord. I was going back over the underlined sentences today and the notes I wrote in your book and the presence of the Holy Spirit once again witnessed to me the heart of God is that His children learn to walk and be led by the Spirit of God and not get caught up in a system of religion void of power." J. N. W, minister to Conley Unit Prison, Texas

"I am on page 131 of The Sons of Zadok. I can read no further without writing to thank you for such a book. As I travel and teach, it would be my pleasure to share the treasure of this book wherever I go in Europe." D. K., Germany/USA

"I should have taken two copies for my journey (after ministering the Zadok concepts to pastors and church leaders in the Philippines. That is because sitting next to me on the AA flight home was a young believer traveling to study theology in Athens, Greece. He and I had a great chat. He saw I was reading your book - I had reached chapter 6. Regal Pair OH WHAT A BLESSING THIS BOOK IS! I was able to introduce you to him because of your theological/university background. He was very interested, so I handed him your book - together with a little advice on how to make sure he did not lose his faith in Athens! Kim Freeborn, Passion for Souls Ministries, U.K.

"No one can write what you have without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have found the best section so far Regal Pair) to be your delineation of the work of the Holy Spirit in the over-comer's life. I am grateful to see the conciseness. I have never read any books that deal with the topic specifically. I have read many and never seen more than a vague hint or paragraph about the role of the Holy Spirit. So this is to encourage you and to thank you for this gift of a good word."Marcia M, Arkansas

"I'm reading your book, The Sons of Zadok. It's a great book and at a critical time in my life when God is dealing with me about making a turn in perspective towards what really matters to Him. Thanks for writing this book. --- I have been in the ministry here for 18 years (26 total). It's been an interesting season over the last few years as God is obviously bringing massive change to those who are hearing His call to repent from our own ways and learn His. I can say for myself, it's probably been some of the hardest years of my life, but, the most productive in terms of accomplishing His will in my life. Rev. R.H. H, Pennsylvania

"The first time I read The Sons of Zadok (I have read it three times), I couldn't put it down. It was such a refreshment and truth that even though it was too much to take in on a non-stop reading, I had to do it --- .I have convinced many that they have to read this book. None who read it remained the same. It is such well-defined truth that it demands a decision. There is no straddling the fence. It also quickly locates where one is. Thank you for what it cost you to write this book. I know that the anointing on it came with a price." Lois D, Minnesota

From a newsletter of a Chicago ministry: "I urge you in the Name that is above every Name, that you must read this book En Punto as quickly as it is feasible, possible and doable. Ever since I read En Punto, I have seen manifestation after manifestation of the principles which are shared therein, working in my life. This book has taught me a new level of spiritual acuity, a new level of spiritual sensitivity, concerning being in the right place at the right time with the right people to accomplish the right things for the immediate advancement and promotion of the Kingdom of God. I say all of this because there is so much Holy Ghost power arising in my spirit right now, I feel like there is literally an EXPLOSION about to occur! [An example of En Punto is given. She simply followed the Spirit's prompting to park on level 7 in a downtown Chicago parking garage. The opportunity to park on level 6 opened, but her determined soul passed it by. The blessing was on level 7.] "The Lord is calling for His Church to begin to operate in such a keen sensitivity and acuity in the Spirit, that we would not miss ONE SINGLE BEAT OF HIS HEART - NO NOT ONE!"Atty. & Minister: L. W, Illinois

" --- I am an American and I married a South African after God called me to return permanently to minister in Mozambique. As my husband would say, 'I'm asking God for the "tools" I need for the ministry He has called me into.' I am considered 'highly qualified' for the ministry we are embarking on, but I believe my missing 'tools' are what you write about in En Punto." Patrick and Mary S, South Africa

Until Next month,

Dr. Cosby R. Oliver, PhD.


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