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E-Books: All of Dr. Oliver's books are now available as E-Books. Most are available in formats for both the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook. Each book may be viewed at the end of the "Newsletter" page on this site or by clicking on the images below.

  • Solomon's Secret
  • The Sons of Zadok
  • En Punto
  • The Regal Pair
  • Called to be Saints
  • Double Grace
  • Consumed By His Fire
  • A Study in Isaiah
  • The Road to Captivity
  • Exact Ezekiel
  • Paul: From Prison With Love

  • A Study Guide For The Sons of Zadok
  • Workbook For En Punto
  • A Study Guide For Called to be Saints
  • A Study Guide For The Road To Captivity

  • A Spanish version of Called To Be Saints (Llamados a ser Santos),  translated by Jim Courier and dedicated to his memory
  • A Spanish version of Solomon's Secret (El Secreto de Salomon)
  • A Spanish version of The Sons of Zadok (Los Hijos de Sacoc)

  • A German translation of The Sons of Zadok entitled Die Sohn Zadoks.

Amazon Kindle:

In Spanish:

In German:

Barnes & Noble Nook:

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In German:

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Last modified: 08/01/2020