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Currently, Zadok Publications has in print Solomon's Secret, now in its third edition, a full commentary on the Song of Solomon (Available in Spanish on E-Books); The Sons of Zadok, in its fifth printing is a study on the Zadok priesthood (Available in English and Spanish, as well as  in E-Book form on both); En Punto, which means "on the mark," is a study in the exactness of the Christian walk (an English version of its Spanish title); and The Regal Pair: Holiness & Righteousness, a biblical study on holiness and righteousness as they apply to the believer. The fifth book in this series, Sealed Unto His Coming, is not only a commentary on the entire Bible, but also a Bible study which focuses on one theme, "The Sealed." Called to be Saints, which came out in October of 2008, examines the life and work of the saints. Consumed by His Fire, surveys the dimension in God beyond what is commonly called "the anointing." No longer will there be room for a gospel with no fire or a fellowship with no flame. Double Grace was added in 2014, exploring God's marvelous grace as offered to all. The two newest books by Dr. Oliver are A Study in Isaiah, geared to Bible Study Groups, as well as individual study, giving both Scripture and commentary in a format conducive to discussion; and The Road to Captivity, which outlines Israel's countdown to captivity where certain profiles of opposition appear as examples of the deteriorating rational which was under duress during the invasion process. Many parallels are derived from this in-depth study as they apply to current domestic and international scenarios. Information about each of these is available by clicking on the book below.

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Solomon's Secret The Sons of Zadok Los Hijos de Sadoc En Punto The Regal Pair Sealed Unto His Coming


Called to be Saints Consumed By His Fire Double Grace A Study in Isaiah The Road to Captivity

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