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Feel free to refer your friends to this website to view or hear these ministry sessions. We encourage the sharing of these important messages.


On May 7, 2017, Dr. Oliver participated in a radio interview with Dan Duval from BRIDE Ministries on the subject of "The Book Of Ezekiel". This 62 minute interview delved into the impact of the prophet on the situations of today.

You may view this audio/video HERE.


We are now in the process of adding the monthly newsletters in an audio/video format. This will be ideal for those who would like to listen to the newsletters rather than reading them. This is a work in progress and new letters will be added as they are processed.

You may select individual audio/video Newsletters HERE.


The following audio files are from various recent interviews Dr. Oliver has conducted with radio hosts on a variety of subjects. You may listen to these ministry sessions by clicking on the interview name.

This interview is from Frank Cox with Remnant Call.

These interviews are from

These interviews are with Daniel Duval from BRIDE Ministries.

These interviews are from TruNews Radio.

"Interview with JR Gurley on TruNews Revelation Ready. JR Gurley is the Director of Living Stone House of Prayer and Young Adult Pastor of World Outreach Worship Center in Newport News, Virginia - June 09, 2014 - 94 minutes"


In December, 2016, Dr. Oliver participated in a online video ministry broadcast by Daniel Duval from The following videos are from that series:

What Does the Lord Require - A Study of Micah - 36 minutes

En Punto - 33 minutes

In September, 2016, Dr. Oliver participated in a online video ministry broadcast by Daniel Duval from The following videos are from that series:

Kingdom Integrity, Truth & Character - 28 minutes

Solmon's Secret - 29 minutes

In August, 2011, Dr. Oliver ministered a series of timely messages at the WOW Center, Newport News, Virginia. To view these full length messages, click on each title.

In the following video, Dr. Oliver ministers a timely and much needed word to a group of ministers. This message should be required viewing by the Body of Christ in general and His Ministry in particular. You may click on the name to begin the video.

You may watch a 13 minute slide presentation prepared from Consumed by HIS Fire produced by Kevin and Joy Stoltenburg by clicking HERE.

The following videos are based upon Dr. Oliver's books. To play a video, simply click on the picture of the book or the title you wish to view. All of the videos are full length.

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